What We

Brand Marketing

Design Services

Where Art Meets Strategy

Whether you’re a startup seeking a brand identity or an established company aiming to revamp your image, Digbala is here to collaborate, innovate, and create magic.

  1. Brand Identity / Logo & Brand Guidelines:
    Our design sorcerers breathe life into brands. From crafting timeless logos to defining brand guidelines, we infuse your identity with magic.
  2. Static & Animated Banners / EDMs (Email Direct Marketing):
    Our banners flutter across screens, capturing attention. EDMs? We compose visual symphonies that dance into inboxes.
  3. Designing for Social Media (Posts & Videos):
    Social platforms are our canvas. We paint posts, weave stories, and create videos that resonate with your tribe.
  4. Publication & Presentation Layouts (PDF/ PPT):
    Whether it’s a sleek PDF or a captivating slide deck, our layouts speak volumes.
  5. Print Ad & OOH (Out-of-Home) Media Layouts:
    Billboards, magazines, or bus stops—our designs leap off surfaces and into hearts.
  6. Product Packaging Design:
    Unwrapping a product should feel like opening a treasure chest. Our packaging designs evoke wonder.
  7. 2D & 3D Design (Products, Interiors & Architectural):
    From product prototypes to immersive spaces, our 2D and 3D designs shape experiences.
Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

Navigating the Digital Constellations

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of strategies and tactics to promote products, services, and brands in the digital realm. Here are various activities we perform as part of the service.

  1. Content Marketing (Blog Posts, Videos, Social Media Posts):
    Words, visuals, and stories—our content navigates the digital cosmos, engaging minds and hearts.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (Organic Website Ranking):
    We whisper secrets to search engines, ensuring your website shines like a star.
  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (Paid Google Ads):
    Paid constellations guide seekers to your celestial offerings.
  4. Email and Message Marketing:
    Our messages traverse inboxes, sparking curiosity and conversions.
  5. Marketing Analytics & Reporting:
    We decode data constellations, steering strategies toward galaxies of success.

Website Design and Development

Crafting Digital Universes

Building and maintaining websites involve various tasks to ensure a seamless online presence. a well-designed and functional website is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike! Here are the activities we do as part of the service:

  1. Front-End Design & Development, Back-End Development:
    Our code weaves webs of functionality, while designs paint the skies.
  2. Responsive Design to adapt seamlessly to different devices:
    From desktop constellations to mobile nebulae, we ensure cosmic harmony.
  3. Content Creation and Management:
    Words, images, and videos—our cosmic quill shapes your digital narrative.
  4. User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Optimization:
    Navigating your website should feel like stardust surfing solar winds.
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
    We align planets and keywords, ensuring your website orbits atop search results.
  6. Security Measures like installing SSL certificates:
    Our shields protect your digital spacecraft from cosmic threats.
  7. Performance Optimization:
    Speed of light? We aim for speed of thought—fast loading times, seamless interactions.
  8. Analytics and Tracking:
    We chart constellations of user behavior, guiding your voyage.
  9. E-Commerce Integration like payment gateways:
    Cosmic transactions made smooth—your online store orbits seamlessly.
  10. Hosting, Maintenance and Updates:
    Our mission control ensures your digital universe remains celestial.